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Cocksucking Christina Applegate pegging horny lover

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Daughter to parents who are both in the entertainment industry, it’s no surprise that Christina Applegate has grown to love showbiz herself. As an actress, she’s appeared in a lot of films and TV shows throughout the years, but have you seen anything remarkably unforgettable? It’s not her dancing skills, no. You are about to watch something she hasn’t done in public, yet, she’s now officially exposed after this hardcore sex tape got leaked. You may not have heard of any special trips for leisure that she took but in this video is one of the things she loves doing to recharge. She invites some of her co-stars over her humble home and make wild videos while eating each other up on the couch. This may seem pretty straightforward, but damn, you really gotta see this!

Christina pegging horny lover

Christina loves her toys but using a strap-on on this dude is way beyond all of our imagination. We heard rumors of her fucking her female BFFs with this when she gets a bit tipsy but it seems like she’s simply feeling hardcore and not drunk at all to be sucking cock and pegging this lucky bastard. She gets her turn to be pleased too while spreading those stems wide and letting her lover lick and eat that wet cunt. This ain’t acting and any of those boring dance recitals she has to attend. It’s her natural self going all crazy while fucking the life out of this dude’s nasty tight ass.

Christina’s sleazy hardcore pics surfaces

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Just as you thought that all of Christina Applegate’s revealing and shocking pictures had been exhausted, think again! Things are getting a bit hotter this time and now you get to see your favorite celebrity doing the nasty thing inside her bedroom as fully naked guys started pounding her dripping love holes relentlessly while she lashes out a devilish smile as she enjoys all of these hardcore fucking sessions that even includes lesbian sex and an eye-opening fisting session that will shock you through and through! And all of these things are captured on vivid images that are truly a must-see for those wanting to see the “dark side” of Christina.

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Raunchy blowjob pictures of Christina Applegate revealed

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Have we got something really special for all of you Christina Applegate fans out there! If you’re still not content with just seeing Christina flashing her boobs or spreading her legs and playing with her pussy, then these awesome blowjob pictures might get you all feverish as you witness Christina getting down on her knees and stuffing her hungry mouth with big, hard cocks waiting to slide in and out of her! But this babe doesn’t settle for just one cock, she fancies a bunch of hard studs surrounding her and she would take turns in stroking two cocks at the same time while her mouth busies itself in licking and sucking on that eager boner. Now your imagination runs wild and wished that it was your dick Christina’s sucking right now!

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Christina gets naughty with her nude pictures

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Scandalous as it may seem but people just couldn’t get enough of their favourite Hollywood celebrity once the buzz starts spreading that they have reportedly have a nude pic or sex video on the loose and it’s an all out frenzy on who gets to have them first. Call us lucky or something but we do have those hot nude pictures of Christina Applegate and it comes in all different provocative poses that is truly mouth-watering and cock-stiffening right to the very core! Our sultry babe bravely poses in all of her naked glory while she plays around with her fine tits and juicy pussy lips like a true pro.

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