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Christina Applegate’s Hot Fuck Pictures

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

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If watching Christina Applegate wearing all those sexy tight outfit in Married With Children reruns got you stiff as a rock, what more if we told you that we have uncovered a huge bunch of her images while she and a couple of lucky people are engaging in some torrid hardcore sex. It may sound too good to be true but we are lucky to have in our possession these hardcore sex pictures of Christina Applegate and you are in for one smoking hot treat as you witness her spread her legs and get that delicious pussy some serious stuffing with the hardest and biggest cocks she could find.

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And you guys are the first to see this sample collection of images we have and there are more in store for all of you who wants to see your celebrity idol get down and dirty with some hard-pounding sex. If you want to see more of this hot blonde actress, just check out these Christina Applegate’s raunchy sexcapades photos, no other site can give you the latest and the most exclusive content of Hollywood filth than we do.

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Christina Appelgate’s Bondage Sessions

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

It looks like Christina Applegate‘s moved on to more hardcore stuff after being a founding member of The Pussycat Dolls back in the 90s.  The Pussycat Dolls have evolved since then and so has Christina.  From stripping and dancing provocatively, she’s taken the next step and she’s now stripping and getting tied up in bondage sessions!

Yes, if you’ve got the hots for Christina Applegate and want to dominate her, all you have to do now is give her a call and if she’s free she’ll show up at your doorstep and let you be her master!  Well, if you’re lucky.  Sure Christina may like dressing up in leather and latex but that doesn’t mean she’ll show up at your private party to play with you, though you can always give it a try.

I mean she’ll always need someone to dominate or order her around (she seems to like being both the dominatrix and the slave, lucky us), so there’s a chance if you’re really good at what you do that she’ll consider you for her master or slave!  While you’re waiting why not feast your eyes on these nasty pics of Christina in full-bondage mode, dressed up in leather, latex and chains or just tied up with rope.  Whatever her bondage fetish is, Christina Applegate makes a cock-hardening sight, and you can check out even more of her bondage pics here on this nude Christina Applegate website!

Christina’s sleazy hardcore pics surfaces

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Just as you thought that all of Christina Applegate’s revealing and shocking pictures had been exhausted, think again! Things are getting a bit hotter this time and now you get to see your favorite celebrity doing the nasty thing inside her bedroom as fully naked guys started pounding her dripping love holes relentlessly while she lashes out a devilish smile as she enjoys all of these hardcore fucking sessions that even includes lesbian sex and an eye-opening fisting session that will shock you through and through! And all of these things are captured on vivid images that are truly a must-see for those wanting to see the “dark side” of Christina.

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Raunchy blowjob pictures of Christina Applegate revealed

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Have we got something really special for all of you Christina Applegate fans out there! If you’re still not content with just seeing Christina flashing her boobs or spreading her legs and playing with her pussy, then these awesome blowjob pictures might get you all feverish as you witness Christina getting down on her knees and stuffing her hungry mouth with big, hard cocks waiting to slide in and out of her! But this babe doesn’t settle for just one cock, she fancies a bunch of hard studs surrounding her and she would take turns in stroking two cocks at the same time while her mouth busies itself in licking and sucking on that eager boner. Now your imagination runs wild and wished that it was your dick Christina’s sucking right now!

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Christina gets naughty with her nude pictures

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Scandalous as it may seem but people just couldn’t get enough of their favourite Hollywood celebrity once the buzz starts spreading that they have reportedly have a nude pic or sex video on the loose and it’s an all out frenzy on who gets to have them first. Call us lucky or something but we do have those hot nude pictures of Christina Applegate and it comes in all different provocative poses that is truly mouth-watering and cock-stiffening right to the very core! Our sultry babe bravely poses in all of her naked glory while she plays around with her fine tits and juicy pussy lips like a true pro.

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